Amish Buggy Facts

Amish Buggy Facts

To give precise information on Amish Buggies is harder than it may seem. This is because they differ according to the sect of the particular Amish group in the area. Every Amish church has its own set of rules and regulations set forth by the leadership of that Church, meaning the bishops and elders. These bishops decide what you can drive, when you can drive it, and what it needs to look like when it is driven. Here are a few facts on buggies that will hopefully help you get a better picture of how this stuff works.

Here are a few things that are generally a part of the Amish Buggy, but varies depending on sect:

1. Most buggies have a reflective triangle or reflective tape on the back
2. When most American think of buggies, they usually think of black ones. Although the majority of them are black, there are some sects that have gray, yellow, brown, or white buggies.
3. Some are completely enclosed and have wipers for inclement weather.
4. Some buggies have batteries for interior or exterior lights on the buggy
5. Although most wheels are made completely of wood, there are a few that use rubber or steel instead.

In the United States:

1. Over 90 varieties of buggies are used.
2. Pennsylvania is where most of the Amish live that use different colors of buggies to separate sects.

General Buggy Facts

1. The general speed of a buggy is around 5 to 8 miles per hour
2. A brand new buggy requires six to seven coats of paint to make sure that it is prepared for the weather.
3. Buggies will last for decades if they are well taken care of.
4. There is a special coating called formica that is used on the buggy helps the wood last longer
5. There are all types of wood used in Amish Buggy making, but the three main types are oak, hickory, and poplar.
6. The price of an average buggy in 2015 can range from $2000 to around $5000 dollars.
7. Driving harnesses can cost anywhere from $89.00 all the way up to $1000 depending on the brand and materials used.
8. The first Amish buggies had white tops and there is one sect in Pennsylvania that still makes them this way

Buggy Horse Facts

1. There is generally only one horse used to pull a buggy, but there are some instances when two are used (This is usually in the fields though, not for general transportation).
2. Quarter horses are the majority choice for pulling the buggy.
3. Horses used for pulling buggies are very expensive and can vary a lot. The average price is in the thousands for the most part.

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